Brother Music, Sister Rhythm

a little hillbilly band with a country western style…

Anne Koschmeder

Al Brentner


2015                                 updated  February 9 


1       Grandview  Oelwein  IA

         Hillcrest  Sumner  IA

7       Cottagewood

8       Golden Living East

9       Lake City Care Center

10     Harmony Healthcare

         Aase Haugen  Decorah  IA

14     Downtown Plaza  Red Wing  MN

15     Adult Day Center  Winona  MN

16     Madonna Meadows

18     Pine Haven Care Center  Pine Island  MN

         Golden Living West

19     High Pointe Senior Independent

20     Charter House

21     Cottagewood

23     Wabasha Nursing Skilled

         Parkside Elder Care  Plainview  MN

28     Madonna Towers Independent

         Madonna Towers Skilled

30     Pepin Manor  Pepin  WI

         Heritage of Elmwood  Elmwood  WI

31     Durst Dairy Farms Holiday Party  Kasson  MN


2     Samaritan Bethany

4     Downtown Plaza  Red Wing  MN

       Jordan Towers  Red Wing  MN

6     The Cedars  Austin  MN

       Primrose Retirement Community  Austin  MN

       Village Cooperative of Austin

11   Prairie Meadows  Kasson  MN

13   Owatonna Care Center

       Countryside Senior Living  Owatonna  MN

       KODA  Owatonna  MN

14   Hillcrest  Sumner  IA

       Grandview  Oelwein  IA

       Parkview  Fairbank  IA

15   Pine Haven Care Center  Pine Island  MN

16   Riceville Family Care Center

       Apple Valley Assisted Living  Osage  IA

17   Adult Day Center  Winona  MN

18   Rochester Park and Rec Adaptive Recreation Program

19   Shorewood

20   St. Elizabeth’s  Wabasha  MN

       Parkside Elder Care  Plainview  MN

21   Potter Ridge  Red Wing  MN

22   Comforcare  Austin  MN

       Sacred Heart  Austin  MN

23   Watkins Manor  Winona  MN

24   St. Charles Assisted Living  St. Charles  MN

       Golden Living Whitewater  St. Charles  MN

25   Cottagewood

26   Golden Living East

28   St. Brigid’s at Hi-Park  Red Wing  MN

​       Seminary Home  Red Wing  MN


4   The Arbor  Norris Square  Cottage Grove  MN

     The Hearth  Norris Square  Cottage Grove  MN

6   Meadow Lakes

11   Downtown Plaza  Red Wing  MN

       Zumbrota Care Center

13   Lake City Care Center

15   Pine Haven Care Center  Pine Island  MN

       Golden Living West

17   Trinity Care Center  Farmington  MN

       Trinity Terrace Assisted Living  Farmington  MN

       Trinity Suites  Memory Care  Farmington  MN

18   Cottagewood

19   Adult Day Center  Winona  MN

20   Wabasha Nursing Skilled

       Parkside Elder Care  Plainview  MN

21   Rotary Homes Assisted Living  Eagle Grove  IA

       Rotary Homes Skilled Nursing  Eagle Grove  IA

       Clarion Wellness and Rehab  Clarion  IA

22   Windsor Manor  Webster City  IA

       Southfield Wellness Community  Webster City  IA

       Westview Care Center  Britt  IA

23   Sauer Health Care  Winona  MN

       Watkins Manor  Winona  MN

27   Pepin Manor  Pepin  WI

       Heritage of Elmwood  Elmwood WI

       Spring Valley Care Center  Spring Valley  WI

30   Samaritan Bethany


1     The Downtown Plaza     Red Wing  MN

       Zumbrota Care Center     Zumbrota  MN

2     Golden Living West

3     Adams Care Center     Adams  MN

       The Cedars     Austin  MN

8     Madonna Meadows

10   Maple Manor

14   Adult Day Care     Winona  MN

15   Charter House

17   St. Elizabeth’s     Wabasha  MN

       Parkside Eldercare     Plainview  MN

18   Trinity Care Center  Farmington  MN

19   Pine Haven Care Center  Pine Island  MN

20   Colonial Manor     Elma  IA

       Riceville Care Center     Riceville  IA

23   Shorewood

26   Grandview     Oelwein  IA

       Hillcrest     Sumner  IA

27   Watkins Manor  Winona  MN

29   Cottagewood

30   Manly Care Center     Manly  IA

       Good Samaritan     St. Ansger  IA


1     Wabash Nursing Home          Wabasha  MN

6     Homstead

10   Comforcare     Austin  MN

       Sacred Heart     Austin  MN

13   The Downtown Plaza     Red Wing  MN

       Zumbrota Care Center     Zumbrota  MN

14   Oakwood          Clear Lake  IA

       Good Sheperd          Mason City  IA

15   Lake City Care Center     Lake City  MN

       Parkside Eldercare          Plainview  MN

17   Pinehaven     Pine Island  MN

       Golden Living West

18   Adult Day Care     Winona  MN

25   Watkins Manor          Winona  MN

29   Pepin Manor     Pepin  WI

       Heritage of Elmwood     Elmwood  WI


1     Samaritan Bethany

3     The Downtown Plaza     Red Wing  MN

5     Adams Care Center     Adams  MN

       The Cedars     Austin  MN

10     Evergreen     Osage  IA

12     St. Elizabeth’s     Wabasha  MN

         Parkside Eldercare     Plainview  MN

15     Colonial Manor     Elma  IA

         Riceville Care Center     Riceville  IA

17     Adult Day Care     Winona  MN

18     Shorewood

19     Traditions of Preston     Preston  MN

20     St. Brigid’s Hi Park          Red Wing  MN

         Seminary Home     Red Wing MN

21     Pinehaven     Pine Island  MN

22     Watkins Manor          Winona  MN

25     Manly Care Center     Manly  IA

         Good Samaritan     St. Ansger  IA

26     Meadow Lakes

28     Comforcare     Austin  MN

         Sacred Heart     Austin  MN

29     Spring Grove Care Center     Spring Grove  MN

         Caledonia Nursing & Rehab     Caledonia  MN


1     The Downtown Plaza     Red Wing  MN

4     Trinity Care Center  Farmington  MN

       Trinity Terrace Assisted Living  Farmington  MN

       Trinity Suites  Memory Care  Farmington  MN

9     St. Anne’s      Winona  MN

10     Lake City Care Center     Lake City  MN

14     Wabash Nursing Home          Wabasha  MN

         Parkside Eldercare     Plainview  MN

19     Pinehaven     Pine Island  MN

22     Charter House

23     Adult Day Care     Winona  MN

24     Grand Meadow Health Care Center     Grand Meadow  MN

26     Grandview     Oelwein  IA

         Hillcrest     Sumner  IA

27     Watkins Manor          Winona  MN

31     Pepin Manor     Pepin  WI

         Heritage of Elmwood     Elmwood  WI

         Spring Valley Care Center     Spring Valley  WI